Fabrics - Creams & Whites

To assist with your fabric selections, you may receive, on loan, fabric swatches from Cottage Haven Interiors. Please refer to our policies for receiving fabric swatches.

Bruge Oyster (Grade E)
Cannes Ivory (Grade D)
Casper (Grade C)
Celtic White (Grade D)
Cream Denim (Grade B)
Diamond White (Grade D)
Don Wrinkle (Grade B)
Glynn Linen Vintage Linen
(Grade E)
Havannah White (Grade D)
Heavy White Linen
(Grade D)
Hobbs Ivory
(Grade B)
Il Sole Concrete (Grade C)
Il Sole Oyster (Grade C)
Il Sole Snow (Grade C)
Limerick Bleach (Grade D)
Lino Oyster (Grade-E)
New Quilted White
(Grade C)
New Sailcloth White
(Grade B)
Oasis Optic White
(Grade D)
Oasis Oyster (Grade D)
Oasis Sand Dollar
(Grade D)
Oyster Linen (Grade C)
Sailcloth Salt (Grade G)
Sailcloth Sand (Grade G)
Sailcloth Seagull (Grade G)
Sophia Optic White
(Grade D)
Tresor Stone Linen
(Grade C)
Venice Cloud Boucle
(Grade F)
Venice Putty Boucle
(Grade F)
White Denim (Grade B)
White Linen
(Grade B)
Wilde Oyster (Grade F)
Wilde White (Grade F)