Shabby Chic Fabrics

To assist with your fabric selections, you may receive, on loan, fabric swatches from Cottage Haven Interiors. Please refer to our policies for receiving fabric swatches.

Washed Allure Linen
(100% Cotton)
(Grade W1)
Washed Bennett Graphite (60% Rayon, 40% Polyester) (Grade W-3)
Washed Bennett Pumice (60% Rayon, 40% Polyester) (Grade W-3)
Washed Bethany Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W4)
Washed Burke Linen (100% Cotton) (Grade W1)
Washed Caicos Blue (57% Linen/43% Cotton) (Grade W2)
Washed Cannes Canvas (100% Cotton) (Grade 3)
Washed Cannes Dauphin (100% Cotton) (Grade W-3)
Washed Cannes Grey (100% Cotton) (Grade W-3)
Washed Cannes Pebble (100% Cotton) (Grade W-3)
Washed Capistrano Blue (100% Cotton) (Grade W3)
Washed Capistrano Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W3)
Washed Carlsbad Multi (100% Cotton) (Grade W2)
Washed Cavalier Bleached (100% Cotton) (Grade W-1)
Washed Cavalier Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W-1)
Washed Caymus Buff (100% Cotton) (Grade W-4)
Washed Caymus Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W-4)
Washed Caymus Sea (100% Cotton) (Grade W-4)
Washed Charleston Linen (100% Cotton) (Grade W-2)
Washed Charleston Mist (100% Cotton) (Grade W2)
Washed Charleston Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W2)
Washed Charleston Slate (100% Cotton) (Grade W-2)
Washed Charleston Snow (100% Cotton) (Grade W2)
Washed Charleston Wheat (100% Cotton) (Grade W2)
Washed Cove Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W1)
Washed Dartsmouth Spa (56% Linen/44% Cotton) (Grade W4)
Washed Denim White (100% Cotton) (Grade W1)
Washed Dobson Ash (55% Linen/45% Rayon) (Grade W2)
Washed Dobson Flax (55% Linen/45% Rayon) (Grade W2)
Washed Dobson Natural (55% Linen/45% Rayon) (Grade W2)
Washed Ducky Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W1)
Washed Giada Linen (100% Linen) (Grade W2)
Washed Glynn Antique White (100% Linen) (Grade W4)
Washed Glynn Linen (100% Linen) (Grade W4)
Washed Glynn Silver Sage (100% Linen) (Grade W4)
Washed Glynn Vintage Linen (100% Linen) (Grade W4)
Washed Hanson Oat (75% Cotton/25% Acrylic) (Grade W2)
Washed Jeans Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W1)
Washed Jordan Grey (100% Cotton) (Grade W-2)
Washed Kendra Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W-1)
Washed Kendra White (100% Cotton) (Grade W-1)
Washed Lilliput Linen Grain (100% Linen) (Grade W-3)
Washed Lilliput Linen Smokey Dove (100% Linen) (Grade W-3)
Washed Lisburn Linen (76% Cotton/14% Polyester/10% Acrylic) (Grade W3)
Washed Montford Linen (100% Cotton) (Grade W-1)
Washed Newport Blue (70% Cotton, 15% Acrylic, 15% Poly) (Grade W-2)
Washed Nicolette Snow (100% Cotton) (Grade W-3)
Washed Nubby Natural (70% Cotton/ 30% Linen) (Grade W3)
Washed Paisley Linen Teal (100% Linen) (Grade W-4)
Washed Powder Bleached (100% Cotton) (Grade W1)
Washed Ribbons & Roses Champagne (57% Cotton, 43% Polyester) (Grade W-4)
Washed Ribbons & Roses Dusty Blue (57% Cotton, 43% Polyester) (Grade W-4)
Washed Rose Chintz Linen (55% Linen, 45% Cotton) (Grade W-3)
Washed Rose Matelasee White (100% Cotton) (Grade W-3)
Washed Sawyer Natural (100% Cotton) (Grade W-2)
Washed Sawyer Spa (100% Cotton) (Grade W-2)
Washed Somerville White (100% Cotton) (Grade W-1)
Washed Turks Blue (57% Linen/43% Cotton) (Grade W2)